Sunday, February 01, 2009

Feeling good about being a (reusable) Bag Lady!

I'm a little proud of myself today and had to share-- We took the family to Wal-Mart today. When it's 30 degrees again outside, Wal-Mart becomes a family outing- LOL! We had various things in our cart from a new wine opener to hot dogs. We got to the checkout line and I realized I forgot my reusable bags AGAIN! I own the reusable bags- have for a long, long time, but I cannot seem to remember to use them!! Arg!! It think it's because my multi-tasking brain is rarely in the moment. I'm usually thinking four steps ahead while driving to the store, getting the kids out of the car, walking to the store etc. My brain could be anywhere from what are we having for dinner to making a mental note that I need to call the mechanic to get the headlight fixed. My brain is never on the task at hand- ergo my reusable bags always get left behind in the car.

So since we were all together- including hubby- I ran back to the car as fast as I could and got the reusable bag. I say bag because there was only one in the car- the rest were back in the house waiting for the day I would remember to get them into the car. I rushed back with it and asked the checkout lady to stuff it full with as much as she could. So she did, but then she would try to grab a plastic bag and I'd have to tell her to keep stuffing it in. We got it all in exept the large mound of paper towels- which came in there own lovely plastic protector. We went to leave and she handed me one plastic bag- which contained hubby's 6 pack of beer (a must for today's big game). I asked her to remove it from the plastic bag and she couldn't. Did you know that alcohol has to leave the store in a bag? I had no idea. So- not to be dismayed- the second we were out the door I took the beer out of the bag and ran the plastic bag back to the Wal-Mart plastic bag turnabout.

After all that, I'm proud to say that no plastic bags made it home to our house today!! Yahoo!!!


bandwife said...

I'm feeling you about the plastic bags. When I come home I have no less than 25 - 30 it seems. So I fold them up and they go in bathrooom wastebaskets and anything that needs to go to school for the teacher, my lunches, etc. I do not throw them away for anything. I need to get or make some bags, use to before i was married. Thanks for reminding me. Hope to see you back soon at DSP. Missing you!

Hoozieg said...

Hi Rene! We do miss you! Are you coming back?

If you figure out a way to remember those bags, please let me know!! I forget them all the time! Just today I forgot until we got into the check out line - too lazy to run out and get them and don't want to hold up the line! Sometimes they are at home hanging on the doorknob of the outside door and they still don't make it into the car! I guess it's like any other habit, takes 21 days to make it stick!

Mariafer said...

I just found the cutest bags that come all folded up and with a little hook to attach to your purse... at Pier1... now to remember to attach them to my purse... Hope to see you by DSP soon! I miss your stuff so much