Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Earth Baby Designs at My Good Greetings

I'm so pleased to announce a new line of birth announcements featured at Earth Baby Announcements. They are a little softer, a little more organic in design, featuring soft greens, and browns with soft pinks and blues. So many parents are looking to make small changes to make the earth a better place for their new little ones. Like all of the cards on, the Earth Baby Announcement line is printed on 100% Recycled heavy weight matte FSC Certified paper along with the envelopes. Check them out here.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

My Loss is Your Gain!

A couple of months ago I was contracted to design some scrapbooking papers by a woman who claimed to be starting up a new paper scrapbooking line. She sounded legitimate and sent a contract. She said she needed the papers as soon as possible, so I obliged and put aside other work to create the papers quickly. She said she loved them and they were being printed. And then I waited... and waited... and waited for payment. And then I waited some more. After many ignored emails asking for payment, she finally confessed that her "investor" pulled out and she could not pay for the papers. They had been printed though- or so she says. She asked if she could do some sort of payment plan- and I agreed. And guess what-- still NO payment- nada, ziltch, nothing.

So.... since I cannot retract the electronic files that were sent to her, I've decided to give away some of the papers here- to YOU! I hope you enjoy them! and if you ever see these printed anywhere in a scrapbooking store near you, please do not purchase them and feel free to mention to the store owner that you know for a fact that those papers have been printed illegally as the designer had never been paid for the designs.

Here's a link to the papers:
Country Chic Background Papers

This woman did the same thing to my friend and fellow designer Lauren Bavin. She's giving away some of her papers too- you can get hers here on her blog.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Great Mommy Moment

I had one of those mommy moments today- you know the ones that make you cringe with embarrassment at the time, but then later just make you laugh- hard. Today was Jesse's first day of preschool. It was a slow start day, so only 2 hours today. We've chosen a new preschool for Jesse (different from the one Jack went to). He's going to preschool at the First Presbyterian downtown. I'm really excited about this choice. Along with the regular preschool curriculum, he'll be learning a bible scripture each month and a themed life lesson. This month is Kindness. Other months will be Joy, Friendship, Patience etc. All things Jesse needs a little extra help with. So I pick him up after school- he's happy and had a great 2 hours- and we walk down the steps of the large gothic style church and he chooses this moment to scream- at the top of his lungs- his first expletive, "Damn It."

To the best of my knowledge he's never said a "bad" word before, let alone SCREAMED one at the top of his lungs at the front of a church. I could not believe it! I whipped around and said the natural mommy thing, "What did you say?" and he repeated it. I quickly did a look around to see who could have heard him. Luckily no one was around. So he was repremanded and we went to the car.

Of all the places to have his first curse word come out of his mouth!